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Cloud V Phantom Mini Vaporizer

Cloud V Phantom Mini Vaporizer

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When portability and discreteness are combined with enhanced ground material vaporization experience, The CloudV Phantom Mini stands alone with its unique features. The Phantom Mini efficiently vaporizes your ground products in its convection chamber. With an optimized temperature setting between 410F and 420F, all you need to do is activate your vaporizer and enjoy your Cloud anytime and anywhere.

Cloud Phantom Mini Kit Includes:

1 Cloud Phantom Mini
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Packing Tool
1 Owner’s Manual

The Cloud Phantom Mini has a 0.7” diameter and 5.3” height. It can hold approximately 0.2 grams of ground products. The Phantom Mini features a sillicon cover surface which gives a pleasant look to the vaporizer and helps control the heat emitted from the chamber.

How does the Phantom Mini work?

Once unpackaged, you need to charge the device for at least 6 hours to condition the battery for future charging during its lifespan. Once fully charged, you need to remove the mouthpiece by turning it counterclockwise and pulling it. Load your heating chamber with your product. Use your packing tool to gently pack – do not over-pack. Place the mouthpiece back on. Next, press the button 3 times in sequence to activate the vaporizer. The LED light on the button will indicate red when heating up and change to blue once it is ready. You can then enjoy your vaporization experience. The Phantom mini has a 4 minute shut off time feature. This will prevent unnecessary battery drainage when not in use.

When using the vaporizer, hold the device from below the button area as the device gets warm.

The Platinum wax vaporizer features a slim design, a removable mouthpiece tip and window in the mouthpiece so users can see their vapor building up. This multiple Best Product Award Winning vaporizer has truly revolutionized the vaporizing experience by bringing users reliability, simplicity, discreetness and style.

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